Nublu (151 Ave. C)

7:30pm Arts for Arts Present: Justice is Compassion

(7:30pm) Darius Jones Trio

ft Darius Jones, Daniel Marcellus Givens, Gerald Cleaver 

(9pm) Cooper-Moore - Multi-instruments 

Brian Tully Price - Woodwinds


11pm & 1am Hess is More 



7:30pm Arts for Arts Present: Justice is Compassion

(7:30pm) Aquiles Navarro - Trumpet

Tcheser Holmes - Drums

(9pm) William Hooker Trio

William Hooker - Drums

Dave Ross - Guitar 

Germaul Barnes - Dance


7:30pm Joe McPhee Trio XL ft Dominic Duval Jr, Rosie Hertlein, Jay Rosen

(9pm) Artists for a Free World, William Parker, Patricia Nicholson, Dave Sewelson, Devin Waldman, Steve Swell, Jackson Krall, On Davis Ticket

10pm & Midnight Producer Mondays w/ Ray Angry & The Council of Goldfinger Spinning Frei Speech & Co. Ticket


New Vague City Presents: Spectaculum 

Hosted by Uluc Ulgen of East Village Talkshow Murmur!

Death by Piano, KiNo, Tim Wheeler from Ash, Julian Tepper, Lost AnimalsMarla Turner as Operate, Neda Kamalata

DJ Monofied
Zero Boys





Majorstage Presents:

& Apollo Sonders


Nublu Classic (62 Ave. C)

Private Party 


Nublu Classic Live Presents: Anthony Anderson Live Drums

Sounds by DJ Monofied


Midnight - 4am

Fear and Loathing on Ave C


Vinyl Only


Yes we're open!

9pm & 11pm (Doors 8:30pm)

Forro at Nublu

DJ Greg Caz spins Brazilian tracks

7:30pm (doors)

8pm Frank Meadows: Bass

Lucie Vitkova: Accordion

Aimee Niemann: Violin


8:30pm Beak Trio: Richmond-based banjo, bass + drums trio 


9:15pm David Meier: Drums

Lim Yang: Bass

Eli Wallace: Synth

Ben Cohen: Sax


Yes we're open! 

Nublu celebrated 10 Years with a big show at Le Poisson Rouge!

Nublu turned 10 this June and we had a series of great shows at our club during the whole month. We are took the party to Le Poisson Rouge to continue the celebration. Live performances by Wax Poetic, Hess is More, Sabina Sciubba (Brazilian Girls) solo project, Clark Gayton and Love Trio.



Wax Poetic new album out today!

The sixth incarnation of Wax Poetic is here! The new album titled "On a Ride" is finely focused on lyrics and mood and the more traditional song structures firmly entrenched in the Americana vein. The music still has echoes of the Nublu sound, but is in fact a very distinctly American record steeped in the traditions of all that encompasses.........


Calibro 35 delivers the funk, once again! New album out now on Nublu!

Is it possible for a band to sound so Italian and not-so-Italian at the same time? It might be surprising that an instrumental band like Calibro 35 has become one of the biggest Italian alternative acts in just few short years. The band, whose previous work was highlighted in Wax Poetics mag as “Italian soundtrack funk that sounds like Goblin recording at Stax,” have played major venues and festivals across Italy and other parts of Europe, with several trips playing the States as well.


WAX POETIC: new single Tonight, OUT NOW!!!

Wax Poetic's newest album "On A Ride" is set for release in the fall of 2012. It marks a definitive and vibrant new direction for the collaborative project headed by Ilhan Ersahin while also remaining true to the heart of what Wax Poetic has always been—an exceptional blending of musical styles and influences.Growing out of the transnational East Village music scene of the late 90s, Wax Poetic was the brainchild and collective creation of polymathic musician Ilhan Ersahin. At its core, it is the product of Ersahin, who has now recruited singer and lyricist Sissy Clemens and multitalented musician Gabriel Gordon on vocals, Shawn Pelton on drums, Tina Kristina on bass, Zeke Zima on guitar and Ersahin himself on keyboards. It flows in a familiar vein that may appeal to a somewhat wider audience...






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