Nublu 151

9pm Taku Hirano: Palm Grease

ft Bruce Flowers - Keys 

Marvin Sewell - Guitar

Fred Cash - Bass

Adrian Harpham - Drums 

Speical Guest: 

Nicki Richards - Vocals 


11pm "Somos Calentura" Sound System Party w/ Junior Jein, DJ Piru & DJ Navas Ticket

8pm Garcia Peoples (Album Release Show)


11:30pm Innov Gnawa with Special Guest Mehdi Nassouli


1am Ilhan Ersahins Nublu Sessions with Josh Werner & Stephane San Juan



8pm Door (8:30pm Show) DAYAN's Album release: "Crecer Lejos"

A mix of folkloric Argentinian & Peruvian sounds to create a new "Folktronic" style. ”Crecer Lejos” explores the loneliness of leaving home, yet realizing this feeling connects millions.. Ticket

10pm Private Party

10pm Studio 151 (2nd floor)

DJ Melike


10pm & Midnigth (9pm Doors)

Producer Mondays with Ray Angry  and The Council of Goldfinger, Spinning Frei Speech & Co.


8pm Steven Bernstein's Millenial Territory Orchestra 

ft Steven Bernstein - Trumper

Curtis Fowlkes - Trombone

Charlie Burnham - Violin 

Matt Darriau - Clarinet

Peter Apfelbaum - Tenor Sax

Erik Lawrence - Bari Sax

Matt Munisteri - Guitar

Ben Allison - Bass

Kenny Wollesen - Drums


9pm Sivan Arbel "Change of Light" CD Release Party Ft Sivan Arbel, Nick Hetko, Sam Weber, Evan Hyde, Ron Warburg, Jack Sheehan, Ori Jacobson Ticket

10pm New Vague City Presents:

Dominium: Ft Unexpected: Tim Wheeler, KiNo, Marla Turner, El Freeko, Erik Samuelson, Gianni Pipoli, On Ka Davis, Felicia Ticket

Nublu 62

8pm Kevin Sun Trio

Kevin Sun - Sax

Walter Stinson - Bass

Matt Honor - Drums

10:30pm Nicky Barbato Project

Midnight Smashing Humans

ft Sana Nagano 

Peter Apfelbaum

Keisuke Matsuno

Ken Filiano 

Joe Hertenstein

10pm - 4am

Funky People & Friends!


Earth Day Celebration 

ft Rainbow Spirals 

DJ Eat Records & Chris Tart


10pm - 4am

Fear and Loathing on Ave C

DJs Miguel Ortiz & Cuba


Earth Day

Ft. earthTone


Julia Chen Quartet



Vinyl Only! Ft Detached Expressions



Yes we're open!

9pm & 11pm (Doors 8:30pm)

Forro at Nublu

DJ Greg Caz spins Brazilian tracks

Nublu Sound 2 is Out Now Digitally Worldwide!

So, it's not that complicated: a large extended group of friends are afforded the opportunity to go creatively buck-wild. Between late nights, jokes, smokes and reverberating bass lines, a vague, nebulous common ground is found. Plans and connections are made, and many of these people find themselves in recording studios together the day after these notoriously fun evenings. There is no script, just the extremely fertile creative imaginations of seasoned and somewhat eccentric musicians. How else to explain moments like Wax Poetic's "No Escape" or I Led Three Lives' "Fight Back Jack" found on this CD? Or Forró In The Dark's now-legendary Brazilian funky country hoedown vibes? There is no recipe for this stuff, it just...IS. 


Calibro 35 felt the vibe from all the way over in Italy, and their spy-noir-soundtrack-spaghetti-funk fits the Nublu ethos like a glove, just like how Otto's surreal Rio-by-way-of-Brazil's-Northeast experimental-pop approach seems to have also been created within the walls of 62 Avenue C. Mikkel Hess' oft-surreal Hess Is More project is a high-concept proposition, and yet produces some of the most potentially commercial tracks, as their two here attest. 3 Na Massa is yet more proof of the close connection between the Nublu family and the Brazil's less-obvious musical corners. Needless to say, though, that it's difficult to imagine much of this music coming together and coalescing anywhere other than New York City (and Nublu has contributed a great deal to help NYC continue to be The City That Never Sleeps). The Nublu Orchestra, the pet project/labor of love of Nublu's late, great Godfather Butch Morris, proves as much with "Sketches Of NYC." Fearless leader and main conceptualist Ilhan Ersahin contributes a characteristically open-ended trio of tracks from his Turk-esque projects Istanbul Sessions and Wonderland, as well as his psychedelic jam in Afternoon in Rio. The compilation ends with a Love Trio which has been under the Nublu vaults until now. Ultimately, for people who spend their nights immersed in the boho-progressive-musical ideal that made New York what it's supposed to be, the denizens of Nublu and their friends have a pretty admirable work ethic.






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