Nublu (151 Ave. C)

9pm - 4am

Teeling Whiskey 

A St. Patricks Day Soiree





Hess is More (10)

w/ Listening Center (9pm)

DJ Kristian Kirk

Founded by drummer/singer Mikkel Hess in Copenhagen, Hess is More is a drummer led jazz band that combines pop, juicy dance beats & whistled jingles yet never abandons the perspective of an art-damaged jazz act.

10pm & Midnight

Ilhan Ersahin’s Nublu Sessions with Laurent David & Stephane San Juan 


9pm - Silibrina

Gabriel Norbrega (Piano), Ricardinho Paraiso (Bass), Jabes Felipe (Drums), Gileno Foinquinos (Guitar), Wagner Barbosa (Sax), Natan Oliveira (Trumpet), Mateus Prado (Percussion)

Exploring the mix of Brazilian music & jazz, w/ an energetic performance, full of Brazilianess & improv.

7pm - 4am

Midnight Dreams

DJ's: J. Robb, RIZR, G.L.A.M, Vada, Rocket Jackson, Mio Soul, Champ Beatz, DJ Supertouch, M.C.M Artists: .Atlas, Coyote Lee, Jonny Petrop, Michael from the East, Live Beats/Drums: John Robinson, Beats Austin, Anthony Anderson 

Speaker: Kayvan 


Nublu Classic (62 Ave. C)


Sergej Avanesov 4tet


11pm - 4am

DJ Night



Petar's Art Night:

Bad, Sex & Breakfast

w/ Patrick Dunn and friends

10pm - 4am

NYC Radio Days

Playing music from the best NYC radios


10pm & Midnight

Forro at Nublu

w/ Davi Vieira, Mauro Refosco,

Felipe Hostins, Jake Owen

DJ Greg Caz spins Brazilian Tracks


Rare Thieves Revenue Presents: Zonder Kennedy and The Scoville Junkies w/ Special Guests


Creation Keeps The Devil away, new album by Hess is More out now!

 Multi-instrumentalist, singer, and provocateur, Mikkel Hess has been hard at work on a new album since 2009's Hess Is More - Hits was selected as one of Time Out Magazine's Top 10 Albums of the Year . Having scored for theater, composed for films and collaborated with artists on performance pieces, Mikkel curates a process that resembles something akin to that of a collagist - taking inspiration and integrating references from art, film, music and magic.


Nublu Records presents Hess is More's second single Burn, out now!

"Burn" is the second single from Hess is More's forthcoming album and it's a twisted homage to Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House." This song maintains the upbeat tempo but creates a track that simulates a rock lullaby that surprises you with his soothing-sounding chorus. David Byrne's nonsensical lyrics are replaced by a matter-fac-story, giving permission to "burn down our house as long as you let me know in time to get my stuff out." Over- the-top empathy for aggression reminds us that Hess is more Zen than Zorro. Full length album is expected October 11, 2011.



Finally! We are psyched to release the three volume series of precious edits by Istanbul's premium dealer of Turkish psychedelia. Barış K, whose Eurasia compilations have helped break the 70s blend of Turkish funk, disco, rock and psychedelia internationally, is an acclaimed DJ with countless festivals and disco nights in Europe under his belt. Istanbul 70 series showcases his editorial skills, with 12 pieces from rock stalwarts Cem Karaca and Erkin Koray to disco folksters Derdiyoklar, Urfali Babi, Osman Ismen and psy funkers Kamuran Akkor and Nazan Soray.