Nublu 151


8pm Cousin From Another Planet

ft Aaron Whitby - keys

Keith Loftis - sax

David Phelps - guitar

Jerome Harris - bass

Gintas Janusonis - drums


10pm International Orange with Todd Isler and David Phelps with Special Guests Chulo Gatewood and Neil Alexander



8pm - 4am

Right Now Productions Presents: Augmented Reality ft art by Artem Miro, Mindgazm, Drew Proud, Brian Thabault



Osiris Presents: Jam Just Happened with Scott Metzger & Friends



Crazy Otto


Studio 151 (2nd fl): 

9pm Joao Suplicy / Samblues



8pm Door (8:30pm Show) 

Sergej Avanesov and "SuomynonA" Album Release


10pm & Midnight (9pm Doors)

Producer Mondays with Ray Angry and The Council of Goldfinger, Spinning Frei Speech & Co.


Nublu 62


Bruxos NY

Hearing Things - March 14, 2015



Hearing Things

Matt Bauder - Saxophone

JP Schlegelmilch - Organ

Vinnie Sperazza - Drums


Hearing Things plays original music by Matt Bauder.  They heard that sound travels through a world were geography and time are fluid.  Their hobbies include surfing the Red Sea and stripping at the drive-in but they are equally comfortable relaxing with a good book while the technocrats fistfight in the streets.  Prudes, ghosts and tittyshakers; the hustlers and sweettalkers alike, will join hands and sway to this brand new beat.  Bauder himself has been an active member of the Brooklyn music scene for the past ten years.  He records an performs with some of the best in the business, most recently touring with Arcade Fire and Iron & Wine.


"Matt Bauder emulates an ideal of midcentury jazz modernism, without abandoning an exploratory air."  -The New York Times





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