Nublu 151

10pm & Midnight-
Producer Mondays with Ray Angry & The Council of Goldfinger
Spinning Frei Speech and Co.

live Music & Dance

-The Inbetweens w/ Conor Elmes, Noah Jarrett, Mike Gamble
-Brandon Seabrook Solo

Forro in the Dark

7pm- Concurrence, Indivisible Album Release Show - Tickets

10pm- STÉPHANE SAN JUAN w/ Kely Pinheiro & Guilherme Monteiro - Tickets

Midnight- Ilhan Ersahin, Yusuke Yamamoto, Gintas Janusonis - Tickets

Doin Kerr's Eko Vizion Meusik, Lemon City Trio, Brahm - Tickets

10:30pm- Fansatia
Kaili, Pullberry, Dav, Leone Georges - Tickets

9pm- Raw Like Sushi
Diamond D & Minnesota - Tickets

Miriam Elhajli /// Slowspin /// Robert Lehmann, Toby Ramaswamy, Shahzad Ismaily - Tickets

Summer Kick-off
Zata Rick, Callie Reiff b2b, Raquel Michel, Loulou Brazil, Bianca Asha, Diva Smith - Tickets

Composers Concordance Presents Eclectic Bands
Sound Liberation Di. J. Quartet, Franz Hackl's IDO, Dan Cooper Quartet, and Poets - Tickets

10pm & Midnight-
Ilhan Ersahin, Yusuke Yamamoto, Gintas Janusonis - Tickets

Nublu 62


It's been a long, hard year for everybody, in which much has changed. One thing that hasn't changed is the love we all feel for Nublu in its various forms, and as life tentatively but steadily inches back towards something resembling normalcy, we are overjoyed to announce that Nublu is rising once again! There is much that is different but the early signs so far indicate that the warm, inviting vibe that is the Nublu/Studio 151 hallmark has survived the pandemic intact. And now there's added sushi!

What was previously known as Studio 151 upstairs at 151 Avenue C has been renamed Studio 151/Ichi-Go-Ichi (which is Japanese for 151) and now features a sushi chef's counter where esteemed DJ and star sushi chef Kamui Sumida serving up top-notch omakase while the usual amazing music emanates from the redesigned DJ booth through newly-acquired Klipsch speakers at just the right volume and bartenders pour a full array of drinks from an incredible selection of liquor, and all while observing the necessary health and safety protocols. Meanwhile, Nublu downstairs is bringing live music back, beginning with the return of Producer Mondays! Reduced capacity for the time being but just seeing musicians kicking it live on stage is something we have all greatly missed seeing and hearing and the feeling of having that back is truly priceless. Avenue C is once again the place to be!






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