Nublu (151 Ave. C)

9pm - 2am

Producer Mondays with Ray Angry and The Council of Goldfinger, Spinning Frei Speech & Co.

One Year Anniversary ft The Hustle Game Verses at Work and LaMaezing



8pm (8:30pm Show)
Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity

ft Andre Roligheten - Sax

Petter Eldh - Double Bass

Gard Nilssen - Drums


8pm 4X6Records Presents:

SKXANGELITE ft. Mino Cinelu

Stephan Kondert, Anwar Marshall, Mino Cinelu, Lee Hogans, John Robinson, Christoph Mallinger, Matt Pedals Loescher, Bulgarian Voices Trio, Ray Angry

The Ruff Pack ft Matt Pedals Loescher, Stephan Kondert, George Spanky McCurdy Ticket

11pm Yuval Lion / Ben Zwerin / Nir Felder Ticket


8pm Nation Beat

with TM Street

Funk. Bop. Baiao


10:30pm - 4am

Get your disco theme outfits ready!

DJ Gaspar Muniz
DJ Manu Seve

DJ Sari K 


8pm Parnaz Partovi & Electric Monks

ft Parnaz Partovi: Vocal & Violin, Shahin Baratpour: Guitar, Kave Hghtalab: Drums, Armin Antique: Electric Guitar



10:30pm The Nightfall of Diamonds with Better Off Dead (2 sets of Grateful Dead Music)


8pm Measure

ft Nate Wood fOUR

Zach Danziger and Nicholas Semrad present: Stephen A. Synth plus DJ flymyspcshp (Jason Lindner)


Nublu Classic (62 Ave. C)


Vinyl Only


Yes we're open!


Giant Steps 

A One Night Celebration of Jazz in 1959



Cat Evers 

ft Miles Wilkins (keys), Leon Sierra (bass), Brennan Young (Drums), Greg Paiano (Guitar)


10pm - 4pm 

Private Party

Emmanuelle Sasson


The Chairman 



Yes we’re open


Cloud Explosion

Elias Meister - Francesco Marcocci - Juan Chiavassa


Record Release



From their first musical meeting, Samita Sinha, Sunny Jain and Grey McMurray were a uniquely aligned trio. Each a lauded composer in their own right, longtime collaborators Sinha and Jain bring their distinctive hybrid musical voices alongside McMurray’s avant new music textures....


Mia Doi Todd - October 30, 2014

Mia Doi Todd performs songs from her new album "Floresta," with Fabiano do Nascimento on guitar and Alberto Lopez on percussion.



The four members of the Brooklyn-based collective Motions combine the rhythms, timbres and melodies from their extensive and diverse backgrounds – traditional and contemporary musics from Japan, Mali, the Middle East, Brazil and the US – to create a unified sound that is both eclectic and organic....


The Real Live Show - Monday, September 8

Features RAY ANGRY (keys), DARU JONES (drums),
and NATE JONES (bass), STIMULUS (vox),
MALIK WORK (vox) and the inimitable CASEY BENJAMIN (vox) on the hook.


August, 18-19-20-21-22

Hessismore: Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway
Album Release Concert Series in New York, August 18-22.



Bárbara Eugenia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been living in the city of Sao Paulo since 2005.
Her musical style ranges from rock, Brazilian influences, and the 70s era. Her universal appeal comes from images of past and present embracing a romantic-sardonic and sensual inspiration, all wrapped up in her unique voice...


New Record Out!

This spring, Nublu Records is proud to announce the release of Ilhan Ersahin’s WONDERLAND “The Other Side” adding to the canon of Nublu experiments, Ersahin salutes turkish traditional gypsy sounds via his eclectic modern touch to "the music of now”. Wonderland’s sensuous chill-out sound is infused with a languorous arabesque essence and tinged with opiated dub effects. “The Other Side" exists in its own zone, floating beyond boundaries of space and time...


After the Festival

Nublu Jazz Festival - 2014 - Sao Paulo has just ended last week... Look what we found on Ilhan's iphone..


Article Alert!

Article in Folha De S.Paulo about the Nublu Jazz Festival.






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