Nublu (151 Ave. C)

7:30pm Arts for Arts Present: Justice is Compassion

(7:30pm) Darius Jones Trio

ft Darius Jones, Daniel Marcellus Givens, Gerald Cleaver 

(9pm) Cooper-Moore - Multi-instruments 

Brian Tully Price - Woodwinds


11pm & 1am Hess is More 



7:30pm Arts for Arts Present: Justice is Compassion

(7:30pm) Aquiles Navarro - Trumpet

Tcheser Holmes - Drums

(9pm) William Hooker Trio

William Hooker - Drums

Dave Ross - Guitar 

Germaul Barnes - Dance


7:30pm Joe McPhee Trio XL ft Dominic Duval Jr, Rosie Hertlein, Jay Rosen

(9pm) Artists for a Free World, William Parker, Patricia Nicholson, Dave Sewelson, Devin Waldman, Steve Swell, Jackson Krall, On Davis Ticket

10pm & Midnight Producer Mondays w/ Ray Angry & The Council of Goldfinger Spinning Frei Speech & Co. Ticket


New Vague City Presents: Spectaculum 

Hosted by Uluc Ulgen of East Village Talkshow Murmur!

Death by Piano, KiNo, Tim Wheeler from Ash, Julian Tepper, Lost AnimalsMarla Turner as Operate, Neda Kamalata

DJ Monofied
Zero Boys





Majorstage Presents:

& Apollo Sonders


Nublu Classic (62 Ave. C)

Private Party 


Nublu Classic Live Presents: Anthony Anderson Live Drums

Sounds by DJ Monofied


Midnight - 4am

Fear and Loathing on Ave C


Vinyl Only


Yes we're open!

9pm & 11pm (Doors 8:30pm)

Forro at Nublu

DJ Greg Caz spins Brazilian tracks

7:30pm (doors)

8pm Frank Meadows: Bass

Lucie Vitkova: Accordion

Aimee Niemann: Violin


8:30pm Beak Trio: Richmond-based banjo, bass + drums trio 


9:15pm David Meier: Drums

Lim Yang: Bass

Eli Wallace: Synth

Ben Cohen: Sax


Yes we're open! 

The Real Live Show - Monday, September 8

Features RAY ANGRY (keys), DARU JONES (drums),
and NATE JONES (bass), STIMULUS (vox),
MALIK WORK (vox) and the inimitable CASEY BENJAMIN (vox) on the hook.


August, 18-19-20-21-22

Hessismore: Myheadisaballroom / Whoneedsapalaceanyway
Album Release Concert Series in New York, August 18-22.



Bárbara Eugenia was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been living in the city of Sao Paulo since 2005.
Her musical style ranges from rock, Brazilian influences, and the 70s era. Her universal appeal comes from images of past and present embracing a romantic-sardonic and sensual inspiration, all wrapped up in her unique voice...


New Record Out!

This spring, Nublu Records is proud to announce the release of Ilhan Ersahin’s WONDERLAND “The Other Side” adding to the canon of Nublu experiments, Ersahin salutes turkish traditional gypsy sounds via his eclectic modern touch to "the music of now”. Wonderland’s sensuous chill-out sound is infused with a languorous arabesque essence and tinged with opiated dub effects. “The Other Side" exists in its own zone, floating beyond boundaries of space and time...


After the Festival

Nublu Jazz Festival - 2014 - Sao Paulo has just ended last week... Look what we found on Ilhan's iphone..


Article Alert!

Article in Folha De S.Paulo about the Nublu Jazz Festival.


Nublu Jazz Festival 2014 – Sao Paulo

This year marks the fourth return of the NUBLU JAZZ FESTIVAL to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Each year, the Nublu crew of trans-national musicians coming out of downtown New York, performs with local artists. The Nublu Jazz Festival always creates exciting, unpredictable and synergistic musical experiences that can only be found at these shows, presented in partnership with SESC. From March 26 – 29, our Nublu musicians will alternate their performances between SESC Ribaiero Preto and SESC Belenzinho.


Every Wednesday in January

Born in the USA in 1984, Alexia has always been surrounded by music. Her mother, an American singer/songwriter, initiated her on blues, jazz and folk, in Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Her father, a Brazilian entertainment producer, made Alexia discover and fall in love with the work of Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa and Tom Jobim.


Nublu Sound 2 is Out Now Digitally Worldwide!

So, it's not that complicated: a large extended group of friends are afforded the opportunity to go creatively buck-wild. Between late nights, jokes, smokes and reverberating bass lines, a vague, nebulous common ground is found.....






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