Nublu 151
Nublu 62

9pm-4am Ilhan selects 45's

Open Vinyl Night

Come and spin some of your records.

9pm and 11pm  Forro at Nublu 

 w/ Davi Vieira and Eliano Braz

Dj Greg Caz spins brasil tracks





Daniel Pinchbeck at Nublu - February 23, 2017

Please join us for a dance party to celebrate the launch of psychedelic philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck’s new, long-awaited opus, How Soon Is Now? Dave Harrington from Dark Side and Brian DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance will DJ. Daniel will read some excerpts from his new work - a manifesto that proposes we confront the ecological and geopolitical crisis as our great opportunity for a mass awakening. We can undergo a collective initiation to make a better and more humane world. Sting and Russell Brand wrote introductions for the book, which comes out this week. 



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