Nublu 151
Nublu 62

10pm Peter Barr Trio


Midnight&2am Underground Horns

Dj Ozgood visiting From San Fransisco



Midnight&2am Love Trio

Ilhan Ersahin, Jesse Murphy

Kenny Wollesen


*Dj Macit Kimyaci visiting from Istanbul



9pm&11pm Cosmic Sutra with 

Takuya Nakamura and Galaxy Bop


 Dj Dodo Mystic Sound, back from Jamaica

10pm Breastfist

8.30pm Pilot Violet (Records Release)

Special Guest Frank Locrasto

Dj Sets By Hue Downz

 Midnight-4Am Aruan Ortiz / Darius Jones duo

Daniel Pinchbeck at Nublu - February 23, 2017

Please join us for a dance party to celebrate the launch of psychedelic philosopher Daniel Pinchbeck’s new, long-awaited opus, How Soon Is Now? Dave Harrington from Dark Side and Brian DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance will DJ. Daniel will read some excerpts from his new work - a manifesto that proposes we confront the ecological and geopolitical crisis as our great opportunity for a mass awakening. We can undergo a collective initiation to make a better and more humane world. Sting and Russell Brand wrote introductions for the book, which comes out this week. 



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