Nublu 151
Nublu 62

10pm Peter Barr Trio


Midnight&2am Underground Horns

Dj Ozgood visiting From San Fransisco



Midnight&2am Love Trio

Ilhan Ersahin, Jesse Murphy

Kenny Wollesen


*Dj Macit Kimyaci visiting from Istanbul



9pm&11pm Cosmic Sutra with 

Takuya Nakamura and Galaxy Bop


 Dj Dodo Mystic Sound, back from Jamaica

10pm Breastfist

8.30pm Pilot Violet (Records Release)

Special Guest Frank Locrasto

Dj Sets By Hue Downz

 Midnight-4Am Aruan Ortiz / Darius Jones duo

Dodo Orchestra at Nublu

“Sultry, worldly, sensual, undulating, rhythmically enticing––the DODO Orchestra captures your mind and heart and draws you into a world apart––a world you’re longing for––and in their company you attain it. With their Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, globally transporting sound, you’ll want to forever remain lost in their embrace.”

- Ellen Kaye, Moscow57 Entertainment



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